Bartholomew Jasper Fatima


My name is Bartholomew Jasper Fatima. I was always just called Bart. My “home”, if that is what you can call it, were ships. My family started running from Lunar when I was young. I am an the first of two siblings. My younger sister, Britta Mugen Fatima, was born while we were travelling around. At the time, I didn’t know we were running, I just thought we were just on a long vacation, only… we never went back home. We left when I was five years old. When my sister was born, we didn’t have the money and food for her. I remember nights when my parents would argue about what to do with her once she was born. My father Echgar made the decision. They could not keep her, so one day, after my mother Jasper, had some time with my sister, he took her away and I never saw her again.*

My 10th birthday was the worst day of my life. I think my parents were planning a party for me when the police came in and arrested them both. Apparently they did something bad.** It was never explained to me. The courts ordered me to military schooling. That scared the crap out of me. I never had that kind of that strict discipline in my life, all I had was some training on the ships we travelling on. I got used to moving around in Zero-G.

Military School was the hardest thing I have ever had to do. I always felt out of place, since everyone here wanted to be there. They all had enlisted, but I was forced there and the others could feel it. There are some nights I would rather not remember, some I can’t. Those Non-Terrans think they are better than everyone else, I had to prove them wrong. That made me push harder than the others. I guess it helped too, I needed to prove to myself that I can do anything I put my mind to as well. I ended up going to the Academy and trained all over. Turns out I have a knack with machines. Ground/Air/Mech, it didn’t matter, I was able to operate them all.

After school, I travelled around, working my weight on ships and ended my trip on Solaris VII. I worked here and there on the Mechs in the games. I got caught up the gambling and was able to win some pretty good wagers. I got some property from one bet and a helicopter from another. I wonder what kind of bets I can win with this kind of streak. I try to deal mainly with Terrans, I always get a funny feeling with those Non-Terrans.

*Echgar took Britta to an orphanage and left her there. Who knows what family she ended up with and what name she is known by now.

**They were charged with murder. Echgar got into debt with a local gambling ring and killed the collectors from that ring sent after them. Not only were they running from the police, they were running from the gang that ran the gambling ring. Seeing as the gang as never been paid back for my father’s debt, they could still be out there, looking for payment. If they end up coming for me…

Bartholomew Jasper Fatima

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