• Due to personal reasons this campaign is placed on hold until further notice **

Welcome to the 4th Edition Mechwarrior Campaign.
It is my hopes that this will evolve into a long running campaign that will possibly grow from a tactical individual game to one that includes strategic planetary operations. The game storyline will be fairly fixed in the beginning but in a short time I expect the players to “strike out on their own”. What direction the campaign goes and where it ends up is almost entirely up to the players. There will be some items playing out in the background that can eventually help or haunt the players…time will tell.

All players will be using the life module character creation process with 5000xp.
All players are expected to have a background story created prior to the beginning of play.
This background should be no less then 1/2 a page in length. Players who do not have this completed by game day will have a history created for them (Hee hee … Evil Laugh).

I have created Excel 2007 workbooks for creation of Characters, Battlemech’s and Combat Vehicles.
Other sheets will be created as needed.

Check the Wiki Tab for further information including House Rules.

Noble Ventures

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